Maximize Your Profit Without Wasting Time & Money

Maintain control over all offers and showings, without the need to chase down buyer agents, open houses and other distractions.

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As a homeowner in the metro Atlanta area, you have the luxury and opportunity to structure your sale so that convenience, health and safety are top priority.

I'm happy to work directly with my clients to deliver efficient and friendly real estate services. I can source competitive offers for you, without strangers entering your home or the need to be interrupted with last minute showing requests.

Whitney White Real Estate gladly serves over 31 local communities in the Metro Atlanta Area, including all of Gwinnett County.

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Homeowners Spotlight

Selling your home can be a bit of a challenge if you're not prepared. Here's what working with a top rated listing agent looks like..


Phone Intro- discuss real estate goals, timeframes, and expectations.


Property Visit- I will find the most effective way to market your home


Decide Your Time Frame- Pick a closing date that is most convenient for you


Stay in Communication- I will provide real time updates during all contract negotiations.


Close and get your check!

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Whitney White

I am originally from Albany, NY and have had the opportunity to make my new home in Gwinnett. It's a beautiful community that I'm so happy to serve.

I stepped into the real estate industry as an agent in 2017 and received my brokers license in 2021. What excites me most about working with my clients is the wealth opportunity they can take advantage of by owning and selling real estate.

The foundation of my business is alignment. I know that I'm meant to be one of the best saleswomen in the industry, and I know that every client I'm connected with is no coincidence. I promise you diligence, expertise, and true partnership.

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